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Save A Lot on Recruiting Costs

savealot191John Malisani had a tough assignment: fill a brand new grocery store in Milwaukie with employees. John knew what he needed: qualified candidates who could help him with the Save-A-Lot philosophy of saving people up to 40% on their groceries everyday.

He faced the prospect of spending lots of money to put an ad in the paper and then wade through hundreds of applications; hoping to find enough before store opening.

"We had absolutely no employees. Not being familiar with the area I didn't know what to do. That was my biggest fear, opening a business; the biggest challenge that kept me up at night was ‘where am I going to get the help?'"

Meanwhile, Stephanie Hudson from WorkSource Oregon had heard about a Save-A-Lot coming to Milwaukie. She got a hold of corporate headquarters and eventually John Malisani. Stephanie then teamed up with Pam Clem from Clackamas Community College (a WorkSource Oregon partner).

"Pam and Stephanie showed a real genuine interest in the needs I had. I began to relax a little at that point. I still didn't have my employees but I knew that there was someone out there who was helping me."

Pam and Stephanie started by finding out exactly the skills and talents John needed to fill his openings. Then they used the combined power of iMatchSkills and the Clackamas Community College STAR program to find lots of qualified candidates for John to interview at a college location near the store. iMatchSkills is the state's largest pool of qualified candidates who are matched to job openings based on the skills they possess, not just the titles of jobs where they've worked. The STAR program trains people in skills they need to qualify for jobs in today's retail market.

Did it work?

"I was able to get everyone I needed and more within a week."Sav A Lot Store

Twenty employees later, the store is open and very popular. On pre-opening night John says they had nearly 700 people from the community show up to show their support.

With the support of WorkSource Oregon, John's job became a whole lot easier.

"I didn't have to advertise. They did it. I'm sure it would have taken longer. I'm sure it would have cost me more money. I just have to call Stephanie and Pam, that's it!

It was a huge benefit."

Perhaps the best news of all, the teamwork of WorkSource Oregon didn't cost John anything; it was prepaid by Oregon employer payroll taxes.

 So what's John's word to other businesses? "It might be uncomfortable to call and get help but give them a call. It was worth it. It didn't take but five minutes before I was comfortable. Good experience, time well spent."

Find out how WorkSource Oregon can save you time, money, and headaches. Put our team to work for you. Find your nearest WorkSource Center by clicking on the navigation to the left, or check out iMatchSkills yourself!

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